Trustee vacancy: Members Advocate

Who we are

ADHD Aware is a national charity, founded in Brighton, UK. We offer a mixture of in-person and online peer support groups – for ADHD adults, their partners, and parents of ADHD children/young adults. Our services also include webinars and courses for individuals and couples, and neurodiversity training for organisations.

ADHD Aware is run almost entirely by volunteers. Most, but not all, of our volunteers have ADHD.

Why we’re positively recruiting

We are passionate about providing an inclusive service for all people impacted by ADHD. As such, we are looking to increase the representation of people of colour at a decision-making level within our charity (on the Board of Trustees).

This is to proactively reduce blind spots, and diversify the voices at the table. We want to continue unpicking the stereotype of ADHD only affecting young white boys who present as hyperactive. We also recognise that racially minoritised neurodiverse people are likely to encounter unique experiences and additional challenges in educational, professional, medical, and social settings; but at present there is a real lack of UK-specific data and on these topics.

Therefore, we feel it is important to have diverse leadership informed by lived experience, to reflect the people we serve.

About the role

We’re creating the new position of Members Advocate, to carve out a dedicated space on ADHD Aware’s Board of Trustees, for a Trustee whose primary focus is:

  • representing and protecting the interests of minoritised and under-represented groups within our membership, particularly those who are racially minoritised,
  • ensuring ADHD Aware provides a positive experience to members from all communities.

We feel these are important considerations which require thought, time, and action; so, as our membership grows, we need the people and skills to deliver on these goals.

Below are some ideas of what the Members Advocate role could involve, but we would encourage this Trustee to be guided by their own perspective on how best to advocate for minoritised ADHD people:

  • Acting as a point of contact or creating avenues such as a forum/consultation for minoritised members — to understand any issues/concerns they might wish to raise and proactively seek ideas and input on how they could feel more welcome, supported, included, or otherwise improve their experience of our support groups.
  • Assisting in facilitating relevant initiatives or actions such as setting up a group or event, or making changes to practise/policies.
  • Building/maintaining partnerships with other organisations, to create opportunities for learning or collaboration.

Please note: our Board of Trustees is made up entirely of unremunerated volunteers, to avoid any conflict of interest in financial decision-making.

What we’re looking for

  • We would particularly welcome enquiries from people of colour / individuals who have lived experience of being racially minoritised.
  • Enquiries from neurotypical or neurodiverse people alike are welcome.

Some skills/experience that might be useful in this role:
(We do not require you to have all of these!)

  • Experience of working with multiple ethnic groups
  • Engagement/networking skills
  • Facilitation skills
  • Creative/strategic mindset
  • Prior Trustee experience
  • Experience developing policy
  • Familiarity with ADHD Aware and understanding of what we do

If you are interested in volunteering for this position, please email us on before 11pm on Wednesday 15th February, providing:
(1) your CV, and
(2) a cover letter briefly explaining what brought you to ADHD Aware, and your relevant skills/experience.

Many thanks!

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