Workplace Neurodiversity Awareness Training

ADHD Aware provides neurodiversity awareness training as part of our programme of support and education. We have already worked with justice and healthcare services such as the NHS, and we are eager to branch out to work with more organisations and businesses.

We offer neurodiversity awareness training for both employers and employees alike, as we believe that a greater understanding of neurodiversity in the workplace creates a more inclusive, supportive and productive environment.

ADHD Aware offers bespoke training and consultancy that reflects the specific needs of your organisation. Contact our training team to discuss how we can create a training programme that meets your organisation’s needs. Email the team at

What is Workplace Neurodiversity Awareness Training?

‘Neurodiversity’ is the idea that everyone’s brains are unique and the way that people think varies naturally. For 15% of the adult UK population, these differences in variation are diagnosed as neurological conditions which include Autism, ADHD and Dyslexia. Neurodiversity Awareness Training is a type of equality and diversity training that is designed to help participants understand and appreciate the differences in cognitive processing and neurodevelopmental conditions.

Diversity is important for any organisation to develop, and understanding neurodiversity comes with huge benefits. By choosing Neurodiversity Awareness Training, you can help create a work environment which enables neurodivergent people to feel safe, supported and able to perform at their best.

Why ADHD Aware?

ADHD Aware is a national charity based in Brighton that has provided advice and support for neurodivergent adults for almost a decade. ADHD Aware facilitates monthly support groups, both in person and online, and has a rapidly growing community of over 3,000 neurodiverse users.

As well as sharing evidence based research on neurodiversity, our trainers all have lived experience of ADHD. The benefit of this is that we can contextualise scientific research with real world examples to help our workshop participants better understand the condition. Our workshops are supportive, engaging and aim to help all participants better understand neurodiversity and how they can support neurodivergent people.

By choosing ADHD Aware, you are not only learning about ADHD from people with an authentic, lived experience of neurodiversity, but you are also benefiting from the expertise that we bring from almost a decade of working with thousands of adults navigating neurodiversity.

In partnering with us, you are directly helping to support neurodivergent people, as all income from our training is reinvested back into the charity. For more information about our peer support groups, and see the positive impact that that have, take a look at our testimonials page.

Why is Neurodiversity Training important?

Neurodivergent people have unique skills and abilities that can be extremely valuable in the workplace. However, they often struggle because many workplaces are not designed for them to perform at their best. This is often due to a lack of awareness of neurodiversity, and the ways in which neurodivergent people work differently.

Our training will help address this by raising awareness of neurodiversity and the often simple accommodations that can be made to help your employees thrive. During our training, you will learn to recognise and appreciate the different ways that neurodivergent people work, as well as be provided with the tools to understand how to make reasonable adjustments. By creating a safe, supportive workplace, you can increase your employees’ confidence and help them be more productive, both in teams and as individuals.

What will the training cover?

ADHD Aware’s training will cover topics such as: understanding neurodiversity and different conditions, the benefits of accommodating neurodivergent employees, and best practice for creating a more inclusive workplace. We will discuss the social model of disability and what language to use when talking about neurodiversity. We will also provide real-life examples with research from our charity’s surveys and case studies to help participants understand how these concepts apply in practice.

Who should attend the training?

Our training is suitable for employers, managers, and employees who want to learn more about neurodiversity and how it can be supported in the workplace. ADHD Aware are pleased to offer training for the statutory and voluntary sector, as well as corporate business environments.

How to get started?

If you are interested in Neurodiversity Awareness Training for your workplace, please get in touch with us to discuss your needs and schedule a training session. We can tailor the training to meet the needs of your organisation, and we are confident that the benefits of this training will be felt by everyone in your workplace.

Contact our training team by emailing and we can discuss the creation of bespoke training for your organisation.

Our Trainers

Charlie Parker

Charlie has over two decades of experience in education. As a teacher and senior leader, she passionately believes that a few changes can make a huge difference to the wellbeing of neurodivergent students.

As a consultant, Charlie is experienced in supporting families, schools and teachers, to challenge the status quo and to change learning environments and teaching methods to better suit neurodivergent young people.

Charlie lives in Brighton with her husband and two children, one of whom is autistic and ADHD. She brings this lived experience to her training and support work. In addition to her professional expertise, Charlie is a brilliant volunteer host at ADHD Aware’s support groups.

Helen Davies

Helen has ADHD and dyslexia, and is an NHS Clinical Director addressing transgender health inequalities. She has 35 years of nursing experience and has previously worked as a management consultant. She is a qualified lecturer, mentor, and programme manager; and is experienced in running action learning sets and workshops.

Helen runs ADHD Amigos, a free in-person social for ADHD and neurodivergent adults, meeting monthly in Brighton. She has been a crucial member of ADHD Aware’s Board of Trustees, and she also runs a not-for-profit organisation which supports ADHD/neurodivergent adults and parents.

Helen is a single parent to a wonderful adopted boy, and is passionate about trauma-informed approaches becoming more mainstream.

Martin Bunker

Martin has over 30 years of experience as a trainer and educator, and is studying for a Masters in Neuroscience. Having worked with children and young adults with ADHD, Autism and/or other Special Educational Needs (SEN), he has a unique perspective on how neurodiverse young people go on to cope with and adapt to the adult world.

As someone with ADHD, and as a highly experienced host of ADHD Aware’s support groups and webinars; Martin has a deep understanding of the struggles frequently faced by adults with ADHD and Autism, as well as extensive knowledge of practical solutions for flourishing in the “neurotypical” world.

Martin lives in Brighton with his wife, and their three daughters.