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ADHD Useful Links

As we are a small volunteer-led organisation, we have created this ADHD resources page so that if you do not live locally and you are unable to attend one of our Brighton ADHD Support Group meetings, this page will be able to signpost you to organisations for support enquiries and to find out information about ADHD.


National ADHD Resources & Information

ADDISSGeneral Support and InformationADDISS are UK national charity supporting Adult ADHD and ADHD Children and Parents.


They have telephone support line: 020 8952 2800 Email Support: info@addiss.co.uk

AADDUKGeneral Support and InformationAADDUK, is a user led peer support organisation that has one of the leading UK websites for Adults with ADHD.


AADDUK ForumPeer SupportAADDUK has the UK's most active Adult ADHD support forum. This forum is the leading place for Adult ADHD Peer Support in the UK. Many peer support groups have started from people posting on this forum. If you have any questions that you would like feedback this can be a great place to get support.





Brighton Area ADHD Resources & Information