ADHD Partner Peer Support



Who can attend?

This group is for people from Brighton and Hove and the UK. If your partner has been diagnosed with, or suspects they have ADHD, you're welcome to join our Partners Peer Support meetings. These sessions focus on the unique strengths and challenges you might face as a partner of someone living with the impact of ADHD.


Meeting Details

  • When: Every third Wednesday of the month from 7PM to 9PM (GMT)
  • Where: On Zoom


What to expect

In our sessions, you can share stories about how ADHD affects relationships. Here are some common challenges partners face:

  • Sleep issues or different sleep schedules
  • Miscommunication and misunderstandings
  • Occasional anger and frustration
  • Excessive gaming or internet use
  • Losing track of time and being late



“It’s one thing to know there are other people out there going through the same things but another to hear it directly from them. There is not a lot of guidance to do with ADHD so sharing things that each has tried (some of which worked) is great. It’s very different talking to someone who lives with a partner with ADHD than friends/family…”
— Harriet from the group


“Main issues? Where to start? Things being forgotten….financial disorganisation and more, but all of these can be worked around and are all offset by the positives.”
— Laura from the group


Who these meetings can help

  • People with a partner, husband, wife, or spouse who has ADHD.
  • Anyone living in the UK or internationally, not just from Brighton and Hove.
  • Individuals looking to share coping strategies and support.

Note: These sessions are not for individuals with ADHD, but they are welcome to join our monthly Drop-In or Group Discussion sessions. Encourage your partner to attend for added support.


How to join

  1. Sign up: Join our mailing list to get our monthly newsletter on the 1st at noon (check junk/spam).
  2. RSVP: Use the newsletter to RSVP for the session. It's popular, so act quickly!
  3. Register: Registration is required for each session.
  4. Get Zoom Link: We'll send you the Zoom link via Eventbrite before the meeting starts.

Tip: Set a reminder for noon on the 1st to RSVP promptly.

Extra Help: Check out our ADHD Partner Facebook group!



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