Corporate Partnerships

Help raise national awareness about neurodiversity.

Up to 15% of the UK are neurodiverse with conditions such as ADHD, Autism. Many neurodiverse people have to wait years for support and treatment and are often excluded from employment and do not fulfil their potential. Help us to spread the message that with support and understanding Neurodiverse people can thrive.

A partnership with ADHD Aware demonstrates that you are committed to supporting neurodiversity and creating a more equal workplace and in the broader society. We work with organisations large and small to develop a unique partnership and will be more than happy to help you organise inclusive, fun and creative fundraising ideas that will motivate your employees to get involved.

ADHD Aware, is national charity that provides information and peer support groups for people affected by ADHD and Autism. We provide information on our website about accessing services and run peer support groups nationally on Zoom and face to face in the Brighton area - with over 400,000 people visiting our website a year. By partnering with ADHD Aware, you will enable us to help reach more people and change attitudes towards neurodiversity, while meeting your strategic corporate aims.

Please get in touch with us today if you are interested in working with ADHD Aware to raise awareness of neurodiversity and support adults living with ADHD and Autism.

Watch our partnership film to find out more


The benefits of partnering with ADHD Aware:

  • Meet your Corporate Social Responsibility goals.
  • Increase awareness of neurodiversity awareness amongst employees.
  • Neurodiversity awareness training specialists.
  • Support with Employee Neurodiversity Networks.
  • ADHD Aware is a fast growing charity and our website had over 400,000 users last year.

How can your business help

  • Make us Charity of the year.
  • Payroll giving.
  • Sponsor one of our events.
  • Partner with our fundraising campaigns.
  • Pro bono professional services and support.

If you would like to talk about partnership opportunities, please email to speak to one of the team.

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