Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteer in Brighton


Volunteering in Brighton

If you are interested in helping out,   we have a variety of projects and administrative work that  our committee needs some support with.  Some of the opportunities for volunteering involve:

  • General admin to assist the smooth running of the group e.g. answering emails; managing mailing lists.
  • Helping to organise and set up events, drop-ins and info sessions.
  • The smooth running and updating of our Website.
  • Fundraising – applications, ideas and events.
  • Designing posters and flyers to publicise the group and its events.
  • Launching a Newsletter – writing articles, printing hard copy and publishing online.

Becoming a Committee member

We very much  welcome a breadth of skills, interest and experience that new committee members bring.

Becoming an ADHD Aware volunteer

As an ADHD Aware volunteer you would be part of a team. We offer support from a nominated Committee member/mentor and all out of pocket expenses.

If you would like to become an ADHD Aware volunteer, either as part of our ongoing administrative and project work or as a committee member  please complete and return our Volunteer Expression of Interest Form to  info@adhdaware.org.uk