Help Raise Awareness About Neurodiversity in the NHS

Please fill out our survey to help us research how the NHS can make accessing health care more positive for neurodiverse children and young people. The survey will take 5-10 minutes to complete.

The survey is for parents / carers and is being conducted by ADHD Aware, a Brighton based charity, who is providing awareness to the local Sussex NHS.

Link to survey

With every survey filled out, you will help us learn more for our mission to understand these issues and raise awareness about neurodiversity. 

About this survey

All data is completely anonymous.

This is a pilot survey about access to all health services in the NHS and includes physical health conditions and access to GPs, hospital visits, not only neurodiverse services.
ADHD Aware has been commissioned to create neurodiversity awareness workshops for the Sussex NHS Commissioners. As part of the development of these workshops, we are conducting a series of consultations and surveys to enable our users to help us tell their stories.

All data is completely anonymous. For more information about how we handle your data, please see our privacy policy.

This survey is open for respondents until 17/01/2023.

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact

We will publish the results of the survey, on this blog and also in the ADHD Aware monthly newsletter.

Thank you for taking the time to participate and helping to improve our research.

The ADHD Aware Team

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