ADHD Awareness Month

Those who came along to our AGM last month will already know me, I’m Linda Saltwell, Acting Chair of ADHD Aware, since Jack Norwood stepped down during the summer.  I wanted to take this opportunity on behalf of the ADHD Aware Committee to recognise ADHD Awareness Month, 2018 and the progress that has been made. ADHD Awareness Month is now celebrated every October, with a variety of events happening all over the world and featured in the press.

The theme this year is ‘Setting the Record Straight.’ Their website says: “Armed with recent information about ADHD and research-supported practices, life can be better for you and those you know with ADHD.”  And on that note, we can point you in the direction of our newly updated website which now has added information and lots more detail. We are also finalising a new leaflet about our services and events, so watch out for that. As with all things, we would welcome your feedback on any of our information and services.

ADHD Aware’s Mission is ‘Support for Adult ADHD’, we are all volunteers and hope that the services, events and information we provide are helpful and supportive to you, your families, friends and partners. Please watch out for the upcoming events and drop-ins happening at the Brighthelm Centre in central Brighton.

Finally then, this ADHD Awareness Month, ADDitude Mag website debunks ‘31 myths in 31 days’…..very interesting so check it out!

Best wishes