October is ADHD awareness month

ADHD Aware is pleased to join in solidarity with other ADHD organisations across the world as we celebrate ADHD Awareness month. During the month, we want to show the world that people with ADHD need more support, understanding and access to services. Over the past year there has been some progress, as more patients are using the ‘right to choose’ legislation to access services, however much more needs to be done as still many adults and children, and especially young girls, face great difficulty in getting treatment.

We also want to take the time this month to celebrate the differences of neurodiversity! With proper support and treatment people with ADHD can use our unique talents and perspectives to achieve incredible things. For example, many famous people are now talking publicly about their ADHD, such as Rory Bremnar, Simone Biles, Ashley McKenzie, Zooey Deschanel, and Will.i.am….. And many more have been posthumously diagnosed, such as Albert Einstein, John F Kennedy and Thomas Edison.

So this October talk to your friends and family about ADHD and neurodiversity. Together we can try and bring more understanding to the wider world about the challenges and positive aspects of living with ADHD.

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