ADHD Aware Film Launch: ‘Living with ADHD’

ADHD Aware film launch 'Living with Adult ADHD' featured image showing a peer support group member who was interviewed

ADHD Aware, a Brighton based charitable organisation that runs peer support groups for adults with ADHD, is pleased to announce that we have produced a film that explores what it is like ‘Living with ADHD’. The challenges, unique skills and the impact of peer group support. Taken straight from footage of genuine users experiences who…

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The New Year of No Resolution

If you’re anything like me, ‘diet plans’ or ‘workout regimes’ are dirty words. Sometimes, seeing everything laid out in front of me in such a rigid way starts to give me a vague anxiety—“What if I forget bits? What if I get bored? Will I still do it? Is there even any point starting?” Leaving…

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New funding awarded from the Coronavirus Community Support Fund

ADHD Peer Support Groups over Zoom

ADHD Aware is a volunteer led Brighton based charitable organisation that supports people with ADHD. We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded funding from the Coronavirus Community Support Fund, distributed by The National Lottery. This funding will help us to continue to do our essential work providing peer support meetings for people…

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Launch of new ADHD support group for parent’s of children and young people

Photo by ketan rajput on Unsplash

ADHD Aware are pleased to announce a new peer support group for parents of children and young people with diagnosed or suspected ADHD to come together and share experiences, knowledge and strategies. We will be offering monthly discussion about different ADHD related themes including sleep, self esteem and behaviour support, listening to individual experiences and…

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COVID-19 support and resources

During these exceptional times of the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be an especially stressful time if you have are neurodiverse. Here is a list of support resources for practical support, mental health, and wellbeing. Support hubs Food Please use food banks and deliveries responsibly– no waste– recipes…

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Support meetings now online with Zoom

Hope you’re all keeping well in these challenging times. In line with government guidelines, suggesting that we minimise social interaction, we are replacing all face to face support group meetings with Zoom online video meetings. This will affect all ADHD Aware support meetings going forward, so please DO NOT TURN UP AT THE BRIGHTHELM. This…

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Supporting adults with ADHD in 2020

FUNDING NEWS… Unfortunately, the successful neurodiverse partnership we have enjoyed over the last 3 years with Impetus (now Together Co) then latterly Assert, has not been refunded by Brighton & Hove Council. This is a tremendous blow, we gained £2000 per year from the partnership and all the benefits of support from another organisation. As…

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ADHD Aware AGM next Wednesday, 13th November: Popcorn and Film Launch!

Please feel very welcome to attend our Annual General meeting on 13th November, 7-9pm at the Brighthelm Centre, Queens Road, Brighton. As always, this will replace our drop-in session for November. As well as the annual business of electing our committee and giving you an overview of our year’s work, we will also be consulting…

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